It can seat up to 50 participants. It is equipped with a lecturers' desk and a speakers' position, amplifiers and audio recording system. It can be arranged in a didactic classroom on demand.
Natural daylight


Aula seminari

Arrangements Meeting Rooms

  • platea Stalls:: 50 people

  • scuola School benches: 24 people

  • ferro cavallo Horseshoe: 20 people

  • tavolo conferenza Conference table: 24 people


Meeting facilities

  • Air conditioning
  • Line telephone-fax-email
  • Projectors n
  • Microphones and amplification
  • Presidential Platform
  • high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Flip
  • Wardrobe and luggage storage
  • Dining Area


  • Record Audio-video
  • Press room with closed circuit TV
  • Posters and exhibition halls
  • Projectors n
  • Video Projection
  • translation service (on request)


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