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Individuals and business people in and near Sacramento can find dependable standard international shipping for their goods. To arrange for international shipping services and find out shipping rates is to make a phone call or go to the website of a local shipping company. The shipping company can come on-site to package and or pick up the goods to be shipped. The customer can package their own belongings and deliver them to the shipping company loading dock. The choice will affect the freight shipping costs and the shipping convenience for the customer.

What Can Be Shipped?

With the exception of animals and hazardous materials, most items can be shipped. Both commercial, retail, and residential items of many types and sizes can be successfully shipped. Some items include:

Furniture and household items including home or apartment moves

Offices or business moves

Many types of artwork and art supplies

Antiques and collectibles of all values

Machinery and equipment

Computers and electronics

Many kinds of vehicles including bikes, cars, and motorcycles

Trade show items and booths

Auction goods and more items

To find out if a shipping service handles a specific item, call the shipping company with a description of the goods.

Getting A Quote

To get a quote for each shipping job go to the company website or call on the phone. The shipper will ask a series of questions and depending on the answers may have more questions to answer. This information helps the shipper determine the shipping quote. They will want to know the shipping destination and the preferred time and date of delivery. They will need to know the accurate size and weight of the items to be shipped. They may need photos of the goods to be shipped. Information on the departure location must include the zip code, town, and port of origin. The destination information must include the zip code, town or city, port, country and other pertinent information. They need to know the type of packaging that the customer will use or will require them to use. Then they will need to know if the destination location and the departure location are residences or commercial locations. The price will be different for customers delivering the goods to the shipping dock than if the packages must be picked up at the customer's location.

The goal is always to ship and item or collection of items safely and affordably to the preferred destination. For more shipping information go to the website.